A Winter Wonderland

Winter has arrived late this year to the rugged, exposed, North Rhins of Galloway.  It is a stunning corner of Scotland that is accustomed to being beaten by the weather Gods, who can unleash their forces, exposing the land to torrential rain, and howling gale force winds that hurtle in from the Atlantic ocean.

However the weather certainly doesn’t spoil our beautiful landscape. Instead it portrays it in a new and enchanting light. Winter is one of my favourite seasons and I love watching the scenery around Dundream change. The winter sun rising above the Glenapp hills, is dazzling on a cold and frost morning. And in contrast on a windy day, the roaring waves crashing dramatically against the coast line, whipping up sea-foam giving the air a salty flair.

When time is on my side I love nothing more than wrapping up warm to brave the elements, armed with my camera to capture some of my favourite winter scenes. These are my favourite winter snaps and I would love to hear if you too share a love for capturing Scotland wearing its winter wardrobe.

Dundream in winter

Dundream in winter

Dundream wearing it's winter wardrobe.

Dundream wearing it’s winter wardrobe.

A winter view from Dundream.

A winter view from Dundream.

The crashing waves on the coast line near Dundream.

The crashing waves on the coast line near Dundream.

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