Introducing Yoga at Dundream

I have the pleasure of knowing Johnny Glover who is a Mandala Yoga Ashram trained yoga teacher and I was delighted when we arranged a bespoke yoga session at Dundream.

"Johnny Glover"

“Johnny Glover”

Johnny had mentioned how good it would be to place our mats outside on the floating, cedar decking early in the morning, catching the rising sun as it peeks over the majestic Glenapp hills, with the background of “the sleeping giant” mountains in Arran. What a delight to practise sun salutations in these stunning surroundings.

"The Sleeping Giant"

“The Sleeping Giant with Ailsa Craig”

However, there was a chilly spring breeze blowing so we stayed indoors in the sunny, open plan, living space with the streaming light and stunning panoramic views creating a sacred space for our yoga session. Johnny’s calm and serene composure immediately transcended me into to a mindful place preparing me for my bespoke session.

"Healing Spaces"

“Healing Spaces”

The Bespoke Yoga session involved the following:

  • Settling and grounding using body awareness
  • Breath awareness, abdominal breath and the full yogic breath
  • Gentle movements of pawanmuktasana (anti arthritic series)
  • Standing postures
  • Back strengthening of upper body, abdominal strengthening and spinal twist
  • Yoga nidra and sankalpa


The session lasted two hours and during the process I felt I was in the capable hands of a master who was assessing my capabilities and adjusting the practice so. Afterwards I felt calm, energised and as if my body had an amazing stretch.

Johnny’s philosophy is to share his practice with an open heart encouraging participants to do what they can with awareness and acceptance. I find that practising  yoga regularly is a wonderful way to introduce mindfulness into my daily routine.

Dundream is designed to promote well-being, relaxation, balance and harmony and Johnny’s yoga sessions for all ages and levels give a perfect complement to other therapies offered; reflexology, massage and Japanese acupuncture. Bespoke yoga weekends for small groups up to 10 people are available at Dundream.

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